Our vision is to transform education globally with Profound Learning by becoming Imaginal.

Why does the system need transformation?

In today’s world of massive change, simply attempting to improve the current factory model of education has proven to be unsuccessful. A completely new system that will better prepare young people for the creative economy is essential.

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Transformation is the how.

Transformation is defined as a major change in form and function, analogous to the metamorphic stages of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. When the butterfly emerges from the chrysalis there is no sign of caterpillar cells. The butterfly cells have completely replaced the caterpillar cells. The caterpillar has been transformed. At Imaginal Education, we have created systems and processes to help schools and districts transform the industrial age factory model of education into a new personalized system that prepares students for the world of tomorrow.

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Profound Learning is the what.

Profound Learning is a system containing a Future Ready model, processes and best practices that will facilitate Transformation. Implementing the nine Profound Learning Elements within the model will bring about Transformation. In addition, our Future Ready component delivers what traditional education does not… students who not only attain high academic achievement, but who are equipped with a powerful sense of self and purpose and the skills to make a difference in their world.

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Imaginal is the who.

Imaginal Leaders are those who have the ability to see and design a better future for education, thereby rendering the antiquated industrial model obsolete. Within a caterpillar are Imaginal cells that purposefully prevail against the decaying cells of the caterpillar and create the future butterfly. Similarly, Imaginal Leaders are able to see beyond the current education system and create a more relevant, effective, affordable and scalable model of education. Imaginal Leaders bring about Transformation in education.

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