IMAGINAL Transformation Workshop

Designing your school's, district's and nation's FUTURE model of education, it's all about…


The IMAGINAL Transformation Workshop is for leaders – who have the passion, courage and vision to engage in the process of seeing and creating the future model of education for their district and school. During this workshop, you will create a bold vision for your FUTURE, you will become a designer of the future for your school, district and nation. The Imaginal Transformation Workshop is a three day process of discovering, defining and designing your FUTURE. As an Imaginal leader, you will learn how to incrementally pull the future into the now, and how to lead transformation with your key stakeholders.

Incremental transformation is significantly different than incremental improvement. Incremental improvement focuses on improving processes within an existing system; it assumes that the overall system is fine. Incremental transformation sees a new FUTURE system (the THERE or the "butterfly") and begins pulling new structures of the future model into the present (the HERE, the "caterpillar"). Over a period of 3-5 years a new system will emerge representing a significant leap into the FUTURE.

During this workshop, as an Imaginal leader you will...

  • discover and define your VISION of the FUTURE (THERE) for your school and or district
  • discover and define your CURRENT REALITY (HERE) from multiple vantage points
  • learn how to leverage the creative tension between your THERE and your HERE that will drive your transformation process
  • create a transformation plan that will include:
    • a powerful vision of the FUTURE that will create the pull for transformation,
    • processes to gain support of all key stakeholders for the transformation process,
    • how you will become and Imaginal organization, by creating cultural and system structures that support your vision and incremental transformation process
    • strategies to handle the inevitable system push back, a system is maintained by powerful feedback loops that are designed to maintain itself, a system is resistant to transformation,
    • a comprehensive professional development plan that focuses on training educators on practices that will support the FUTURE model of education
    • a process for accountability that will support system transformation
  • learn new powerful system tools and structures that will help support:
    • the personalization of learning, where the time to learn is flexible and the quality of learning is rigid
    • the integration of neuroscience into all aspects of the learning process
    • the integration of FUTURE READY skills that can be tracked by students and educators

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